A Mirror On Main Street

Also, see Mark Brown’s published book “A Mirror On Main Street

Also, see Mark Brown’s published book “A Mirror On Main Street

Artist's Notes

All of the photos in this series were shot on walks in streets and malls, and in the urban and domestic situations of friends and strangers in America, Mexico and Europe. All of those walks heightened my appreciation of the small, beautiful, unusual and unforeseen details of daily life. All of these images were created spontaneously. Luck, timing and synchronicity are the three major triads needed in creating the visual music of street photography. That is why I love it so much. Timing, framing of all of the elements, and composition are everything for making a successful and compelling image.

For the first time in my life I have enjoyed shopping and wandering around downtowns and shopping malls, the bright gleaming immaculate temples of consumerism: looking for images and spending zero dollars and getting something for nothing with the click of a shutter if I am lucky.

My job as a photographer and chronicler of the daily visual and cultural details of quotidian life is to take very ordinary things and try to make something striking, memorable and beautiful out of them.

It’s mainly a way for me to see and react to what I see, which includes large elements of composition, and smaller elements of street theater, humor, visual dance and the ever changing array of light and shadow and what is compelling and interesting as I walk by. Rhythm, motion, dynamic and saturated colors are also a big part of this ongoing series, but the challenges of composing the pictures out of the random world are what make this series so rewarding for me.

As the songwriter Joe Ely once said:

“Some people walk around the block and see nothing. Some people walk around the block and see the whole world.”

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