Landscape Photographs

Artist's Notes

I have always loved being in, walking through, and living inside of beautiful, open landscapes. There is something magical about bright, living light as it sweeps over whatever you are looking at, and seeing the vast and endless spaces it can illuminate that enlarge interior life and can make one feel enormous. It is a wanderer’s paradise to be able to see where you might want to go, and then to be able to walk there unimpeded. Sometimes just looking at a vast landscape in front of you can make you feel as large as what you are looking at, one of the many rewards of opening your front door and wandering outside, freely and unimpeded, across the face of the earth.

These images are a record of many of my favorite places on earth that I have explored, lived in for short periods of time, or have returned to dozens of times, photographed and made photographs and art from. Most of these places are now parks, protected spaces where the rapacious ravages of human greed and activity have been curtailed. All are extremely high resolution files and be printed at large sizes without losing sharpness and clarity.

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